05 April 2014

Our turn for earthquake

Doing fine other then being woken up. Well time to go back to bed.

26 February 2014

Been a while

Well it has been a longggggggggggggggg time since I posted. Well sorry about that.

Well we are doing well, our summer is coming to an end...:( but that means my friends up north will be happy. You guys have certainly had a long winter.

Hmm..whats new..?
Well we have a new puppy.. her name is Abby. We sort of got Abby as a surprise Christmas present. We were coming home from Christmas Eve service and there was poor Abby. She had been dumped at the bus stop. We couldn't leave her there to get hit by a car, as several times she was headed for the street.

We are not sure if we are going to keep her, as we are looking for her to get adopted, but till then....

Here are some pictures of her

 Abby's first bath. Gee you should of heard the howling, you would of thought that someone was killing her.

 Who is the black sheep of the family? I just happen to have a darker complexion and my hair is straighter. And my ears are little big.

Abby seems to be a hit in the neighborhood. All the kids come and get her and take her to go play. Hmm, maybe we should rent her out, laugh.

Well have a good day and I will try to post more frequent.

15 October 2013

26 August 2013

Teaching new Chilean drivers

We were at the mall, Alto Las Condes and saw some of the future Chilean drivers:

Can I see you license? 

Whoa buddy! !

Opps sign jumo out in front of me.

11 August 2013


Well yesterday was shopping day for vegetables..
We go to the local outdoor market every two weeks or so for our fresh vegetables. It is cheaper to go there then the Jumbo and the quality is just as good.
The weather was beautiful, especially compared to today. It was warm and sunny and to day is overcast and raining.

Here are some pictures

Time for lunch..I am hungry

These are empanadas. Sure was good had one and saved two that we'll freeze for latter.

Well take care and see you later.